Fifty-four large-scale stamp reproductions make up the WIndows Into America exhibition.

National Postal Museum

$22 Million goal

National Postal Museum

Our Goal: 22 Million

Like a stamp, this museum is distinctive and far-reaching. Dedicated to the preservation, study and presentation of postal history and philately, it has a magnificent collection of more than 6 million objects. The collection includes U.S. and international stamps, archival postal documents and three-dimensional objects, which trace the evolution of the U.S. Postal Service and its role in the nation’s formation. 

National Postal Museum
Leadership Message

Leadership Message

The United States grew into the nation we know today because the U.S. Postal Service, then called the Post Office Department, gave us the means to communicate, to move goods and services and to celebrate our history, heritage and heroes through stamps. The USPS helped us forge a national identity and laid the groundwork for today’s trillion-dollar global mailing industry.

The Smithsonian Campaign will allow us to share our stories with an ever-widening audience —visitors to Washington, D.C., stamp lovers around the world and the millions of people fascinated by the developments of communication and stamp collecting.

Philanthropist William H. Gross has given us momentum with his extraordinary lead gift to build the largest philatelic gallery in the world. Mr. Gross recognizes that the history of stamps is the history of America.

The stage is set. The time to invest is now.  Please join us in our efforts to offer blockbuster exhibitions, cutting-edge visitor experiences and engaging educational programming.

Thank you.

  • Allen Kane
    Director, National Postal Museum
National Postal Museum
Campaign Case

Investments That Deliver

An Endowment for Exhibitions
In 2013, the museum opened the William H. Gross Stamp Gallery, the world’s largest and most technologically sophisticated space for showcasing stamps. One of our top funding priorities is to endow this gallery so that we can continue to offer cutting-edge technology and blockbuster exhibitions.

The museum also seeks funds for the Gems of American Philately Gallery, which houses 13 of the most historically significant stamps in the world, and the Postmaster Suite, which displays new exhibitions of our collection and others from across the globe.

Access and Education
Each year, 3 million visitors explore the museum’s collection online, through the website Arago: People, Postage and the Post. This is the Smithsonian’s most visited collection website. Viewers trace the history of stamps, modes of communication such as telegrams and how mail is delivered, from trucks, planes or on foot.

Campaign gifts will enable the museum to digitize more of our collection and expand the Arago website; offer fuller, more interactive visitor experiences and employ social media and technology to engage visitors.

Curator and Exhibitions
The mail industry created the first air routes and developed computer-recognized handwriting software. It has been an economic engine and source for American innovation. A curator with the expertise in the history of the mail industry and its impact on American commerce will enhance the museum’s scholarship and exhibitions.

National Postal Museum

National Postal Museum

is raising $22 million of the Smithsonian Campaign’s overall $1.5 billion goal. 

Campaign Priorities

Exhibition Endowment

$2 Million

We seek $2 million to begin the campaign for an endowment for the William H. Gross Stamp Gallery. An endowment will ensure that the museum can maintain the level of excellence that the gallery opened with in 2013. We seek $1 million in support of the Postmaster Suite and $750,000 in support of the Gems of American Philately Gallery.

Access and Education

$3 Million

We seek a total of $3 million for educational programs and technology. A gift of $1 million will fund educational programming at the museum, allowing us to broaden our reach and impact. A gift of $2 million will fund technological upgrades to the museum.

Curator and Exhibitions

$2 Million

We seek a total of $2 million to fund the development of an exhibition to tell the story of the mail industry. A portion of the fund, up to $1 million, will endow a curatorship.

National Postal Museum

William H. Gross at the National Postal Museum gallery opening



William H. Gross

Philanthropist Opens World's Largest Stamp Gallery 

As a result of one man's passion, the National Postal Museum dedicated a 12,000-square-foot gallery displaying the nation's stamp collection on September 22, 2013. "The American public deserves the best home possible to display its history, and, in this case, its history as told through stamps," Gross says. His gift made the gallery possible. "I hope we can attract a broader audience and get visitors interested in collecting or just learning more about history."

National Postal Museum

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National Postal Museum Campaign Officers

National Postal Museum Council of Philatelists

  • Thomas J. Alexander
  • Karen Bertha
  • Maryann Bowman
  • Roger S. Brody
  • Molly Byrne
  • Roland Cipolla
  • Guido Craveri
  • Gordon E. Eubanks, Jr.
  • Alfredo Frohlich
  • Ian C. Gibson-Smith
  • Harry Hagendorf
  • Perry B. Hansen
  • Elizabeth Hisey
  • Hubert N. Hoffman III
  • John McClure Hotchner
  • Vince King
  • Thomas M. Lera
  • Patrick Maselis
  • Susan Mcgowan
  • Robert P. Odenweller
  • Daniel A. Piazza
  • Omar Rodriguez
  • Robert G. Rose
  • Wade E. Saadi
  • Mark S. Schwartz
  • Charles F. Shreve
  • David M. Sundman
  • Donald J. Sundman
  • May Day Taylor
  • Alan B. Whitman


National Postal Museum

Total Goal:
$22 Million


$19.47 Million Raised

As of October 31, 2017

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