Nature trails behind the museum offer opportunities to explore, observe and appreciate a natural environment in the community.

Celebrating Kwanza

Anacostia Community Museum

$1 Million raised

Anacostia Community Museum

Teaching Urban Ecology

The Anacostia Community Museum, based in Washington, D.C., explores complex social issues and urban trends through a local lens. It uses the stories of individuals and how they interact with their communities as a catalyst to power research, exhibitions, programs and educational outreach.  

Through the Smithsonian Campaign, State Farm provided generous support for the museum’s signature citizen science program, the Urban Ecology Engagement Initiative. The program brings together scientists at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center and youth from the United Planning Organization to conduct real-time research and learning within and around the Anacostia watershed in Washington.

The year-round initiative develops environmental awareness and civic engagement among student participants and increases their engagement with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) content through hands-on learning activities. Students have explored river ecology and conducted experiments in watershed conservation.

Anacostia Community Museum
Leadership Message

Leadership Message

The Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum strives to convene conversations and explore ideas that are important to you, and to deepen our collective understanding of communities and society as a whole.

As a global model for community-inclusive museum work, ACM is grounded in the belief that active citizen participation – in the recovery, preservation and presentation of cultural and historical assets – is vital to creating and maintaining a sense of unity and civic engagement.

Recent exhibitions have highlighted pivotal moments in history that speak pointedly to current events, and uncovered untold stories of struggle and empowerment. Museum collections and archives reveal the extraordinary experiences of everyday people.

As we approach our 50th anniversary in September 2017, we look forward to celebrating this milestone with you! A campaign gift today ensures that your Anacostia Community Museum continues to offer enriching educational opportunities and platforms for creative expression, and to facilitate meaningful dialogue and collaboration, well into the next fifty years!


  • Lori D. Yarrish
    Lori D. Yarrish
    Acting Director, Anacostia Community Museum
Anacostia Community Museum
Campaign Case

Creating Knowledge About Community

Global Community
The Anacostia Community Museum, based in Washington, D.C.’s Anacostia neighborhood, explores and reflects the history, culture and contemporary issues of its diverse urban community. Through extensive engagement with area citizens, it is a pioneer in fostering the concept of the museum as a tool for social change and a voice for their creative expression and aspirations.

The museum’s standards for best practices in community research have been replicated as far away as Mexico and Senegal. Campaign gifts will strengthen its leadership position in this nascent field and fund technology to enable it to share its work with a wider audience.

We seek funds to preserve and restore existing art and artifacts and grow and diversify our collections. New, vibrant exhibitions will explore other communities, which are historically or thematically connected to our local experience.

People are the museum’s intellectual engine and key to sustaining a museum that will serve communities of the world. A new curator of urban history and culture will add critical experience in urban studies, community development and social justice.

Programs and Research
Education programs at the Anacostia Community Museum are multidisciplinary in their design and are developed to engage audiences ranging in age and level of prior knowledge. From lectures and workshops to community forums and targeted outreach programming, ACM seeks to produce meaningful learning and engagement experiences.

The Community Documentation Initiative is at the heart of everything the museum does. New funding will enable us to share data from our research on the local and economic life of neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River and allow us to sponsor a conference in community research.

Anacostia Community Museum

Anacostia Community Museum

is raising $1.7 million of the Smithsonian Campaign’s overall $1.5 billion goal. 

Campaign Priorities

Collections and Exhibitions


We seek $800,000 for collections care and acquisition and exhibition development. Gift opportunities include $10,000 to $50,000 for documentation and installations, $60,000 for an acquisition fund and $100,000 for digitization.

Curator, Urban History and Culture


Investments of $500,000 will allow us to hire an additional curator and support this museum leader for three years.

Support Programs and Research


We seek $400,000 to fund programs, events and research, which document, preserve, celebrate and share the region’s rich history.

Anacostia Community Museum

Donor Bennie F. Johnson



A Natural Investment

A Natural Investment

“We give because of the future. As a family, supporting the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum is a natural investment in a dynamic learning experience, creating lasting memories and inspired fun. By giving, we can directly ensure that this unique combination of learning and excitement is available to families like ours for generations to come.”
Bennie F. Johnson

Donor Tonya Vidal Kinlow reads to children at the museum.



Tonya Vidal Kinlow

Museum Makes Cultural Impact

“I love and support the Anacostia Community Museum because it is an amazing resource for lifelong learning and it provides powerful cultural development experiences for people of all ages.”
Tonya Vidal Kinlow

Anacostia Community Museum

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Anacostia Community Museum Campaign Officers

Anacostia Community Museum Board

  • Alma R. Candelaria
  • Mimi Castaldi
  • Hyesook Chung
  • Donna Harris-Aikens
  • Bennie F. Johnson
  • Tonya Vidal Kinlow
  • Lorenzo McRae, Esq.
  • Vernice Miller-Travis
  • Gina M. Stikes
  • Mossi K. Tull
  • Paul K. Ward
  • David J. Skorton, MD, Ex-Officio
  • Richard Kurin, PhD, Ex-Officio
  • Lori D. Yarrish, Ex-Officio

Anacostia Community Museum

Total Goal:
$1 Million


$1 Million Raised

As of November 30, 2017

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