You helped the Smithsonian make history.

You helped the Smithsonian make history.

Thanks to you, the Smithsonian Campaign is the most successful comprehensive campaign ever mounted by a cultural organization. More than 535,000 donors made gifts totaling nearly $1.9 billion. These gifts enable our curators, scientists and educators to make new discoveries, reach Americans where they are and connect them to our shared heritage.

The Smithsonian Campaign is the first comprehensive campaign mounted by the institution, encompassing the whole of its 19 museums, national zoo, 9 research centers and educational units. Fundraising priorities emphasized new and renovated buildings and spaces, education and outreach initiatives, endowment support, scientific research around the globe, and programs and exhibitions.

The Smithsonian helps people make sense of their place in this nation, and their impact on this planet. We achieve this through our museums and collections, through classroom curricula, and through cutting-edge research and discovery.

Gifts to the Smithsonian Campaign elevated our ability to do all this and more. Your gifts created the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Your gifts established a global network of marine field stations that will create a standardized measure of our changing world. Your gifts help more than 100 million people each year access our collections online, including 3 million digitized objects and nearly 2 million multimedia educational resources that are part of Smithsonian Learning Lab. Your gifts opened eight new education centers in our museums, where such programs serve 6.3 million kids and families each year. Your gifts endowed 68 positions, ensuring a long future of passionate scholars dedicated to the increase of knowledge for the world’s benefit. Your gifts saved species and are getting us one step closer to capturing the first image of a black hole.

The strength of the Smithsonian comes from the unique and powerful sum of its parts, each propelled by generous donors like you. Thank you.

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