Total Goal: $1.5 billion

122%of Goal

$1.824 billion Raised

As of November 30, 2017

Investment inpeople

Goal: $135 million


...who will create today and lead tomorrow. Great leadership and deep scholarship drive the Smithsonian, and people are the assets that power it and guarantee it will flourish for generations to come. 

Investment inplaces

Goal: $518 million


...that are the Smithsonian’s public face and inspire and delight. Thanks to our generous donors, the Smithsonian is one of the world's most beloved and visited places. 

Investment inprograms

Goal: $756 Million


...that excite the imagination and connect to people everywhere. Program support includes technology improvements that offer opportunities for you to create communities of your own. 

Investment intreasures

Goal: $91 Million


...that preserve our heritage and inform our research. From the Space Shuttle Discovery to the Hope Diamond, the Smithsonian holds 138 million artifacts, artworks and specimens in trust for you. 

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