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The Smithsonian belongs to every American, and people like you are the reason the Smithsonian continues to thrive – reaching new people, discovering new ideas, uncovering the past and forging new paths into the future.

Every day the Smithsonian works to create a unique world of learning and discovery to share with you, and millions around the world. Incredible exhibitions. Groundbreaking research. Programs that inspire and educate people of all ages. Your tax-deductible gift makes all these things possible, and more.

You can help keep the Smithsonian experience alive and thriving for generations to come.


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No other resource on the planet encompasses the same breadth of research, has the capacity to spark wonder at the heart of learning, or offers as many opportunities to amaze and delight through its treasures. Your gift helps ensure the Smithsonian has the power to change and the permanence to endure. Thank you, again, for your generosity.

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