Arcadia Fund Gift Furthers Global Access to Endangered Languages

December 2, 2013
Arcadia Fund

Gift preserves most-threatened records of endangered cultures and languages

The Natural History Museum holds priceless cultural and linguistic knowledge from around the world. Primary source materials in its National Anthropological Archives preserve an unparalleled collection of primary sources for investigating endangered cultures and languages, indigenous environmental knowledge and connections between these subjects. A $1 million grant from the Arcadia Fund launches the first two years of the museum’s Recovering Voices Initiative, a long-term project to digitize audio recordings, manuscripts and photographs, with objects most at risk handled first. The initiative plans to digitize the entire collection of ethnographic sound recordings, estimated at 3,000 hours, and 35,000 pages of manuscript materials. Museum advisory board member Lisbet Rausing and her husband Peter Baldwin are founders of the Arcadia Fund.

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