Thanks to your support, we have created a new museum and new exhibitions; fueled cutting-edge scientific research; and brought programs and educational materials to communities around the nation.

More than 535,000 donors have contributed a record-breaking $1.88 billion to the Smithsonian Campaign.

Gifts to the Smithsonian Campaign helped to create the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Your gifts allow the Smithsonian to tell America’s story, foster dialogue and encourage civic engagement.

More than 14,500 people backed a Kickstarter campaign to preserve Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit, now touring the country in the exhibition Destination Moon.

You are helping us to reach people where they are and connect them to humanity’s greatest achievements.

A gift to the Smithsonian Campaign created the Tennenbaum Marine Observatory Network, which standardizes measurements around the biological changes in coastal zones.

You are fueling visionary research and hands-on science for a better understanding of our world.

Following a two-year renovation, the Renwick Gallery reopened with Wonder, an exhibition that inspired visitors to engage with art in new ways.

Your gifts are creating a new museum experience.

Seven education centers in Smithsonian museums have been realized thanks to private support.

You are enabling the Smithsonian to to bring the nation’s collection to students in their communities, online and in our museums.

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